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What is the Ovodonation?

Ovodonation is an assisted reproduction treatment that offers the opportunity to have a child to patients who cannot develop an embryo on their own.

In an ovodonation, an IVF (in vitro fertilization) is performed with the peculiarity that the ovules are from a donor and the sperm is from the recipient couple. There may also be the case, if it is women who face maternity alone, that the sperm is also from a donor. 

Thus, the donation of ovules makes possible the miracle of life in women who otherwise could not have children.

Semen of the recipient´s couple

Indicated for:

  • Women with ovarian failure due to menopause, early ovarian failure or ovarian surgery.
  • Older women
  • Women who cannot use their own oocytes, because of bad quality or for hereditary diseases that cannot be detected by -DGP techniques; women with repeated failures in In Vitro Fertilization.
  • Women with ovaries inaccessible to obtain oocytes
  • Repeating miscarriages.
  • Chromosomal alterations in women or embryos.

Donated semen

Indicated for:

  • Men with absence of sperm.
  • Male carriers of a genetic disease that cannot be studied in embryos or carriers of a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Chromosomal abnormalities in semen.
  • Women with ovaries inaccessible to obtain oocytes.
  • Repeating miscarriages.
  • In case of women without a partner.

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